My camera is my companion as I walk along the bush path, on a cliff overlooking the stunning Huon River with Bruny Island on the horizon.

I never tire of this place no matter what the weather or how often I visit.Each time is a different experience and it’s my camera that helps me open my eyes to see the wonder of it all.

I live in a cottage at one end of the path, in the tiny hamlet of Brooks Bay in Tasmania, Australia with my husband of more than thirty years – Dave.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

We share the bay with just a dozen or so others, and with nature – the inspiration for, and subject of, most of my work. It is the place I love best and so different to the cities of my past like Birmingham, Auckland, Canberra and Melbourne.

Here I grow vegetables, walk, practice Tai Chi on the little sandy beach and use my camera to my heart’s content.

I started photography late in life – at first resisting all things digital. Dave convinced me to try it. Our daughter Nicola, an insightful and talented artist, and her partner Carlos encouraged me to experiment, and introduced me to the use of my computer as an artist’s tool. Nicola also created this website for me.

I am fascinated with capturing a moment in time – the image and the feeling.   It may be a dramatic moment – like a bird in flight, or something much more subtle like bubbles dancing in a rock pool. Maybe it’s a whole scene that grabs my eye, maybe just the smallest portion of an image I have captured. I then work to interpret what I felt at that instant and include that feeling in my art.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you have enjoyed my work and look forward to welcoming you back some time soon.

Untitled photo
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